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    • Black Diamond Dildos
    • Black Diamond Vibrators
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    • Flesh Diamond Vibrators
  • Dragon Chemicals
    • Amsterdam Special Extra Strong 15ml
    • Dragon Power 24ml
    • Dragon Power 9ml
    • Dragon Strong 24ml
    • El Toro Strong 24ml
    • Ghost Ultra Strong 24ml
    • King 24ml
    • Kraken 24ml
    • Rise up 10ml
    • Rise up 30ml
    • Stoke 24ml
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SEVW Inflatable

Inflatable toys are great for those who like to take control of their own pleasure and be given the opportunity to take a step further or a step back with the help of the hand-held pump. SEVW manufactures inflatable dildos, plugs and strap-ons that allow exactly that.


Access our online store to see all the SEVW products or create a wholesale account to start buying.




  • Inflatable Dildos
    Inflatable Dildos
  • Inflatable Plugs
    Inflatable Plugs
  • Inflatable Strap-ons
    Inflatable Strap-ons